X-ray Domination, Undercover Profits and Google Cash Detective. Have any or all of these attracted your attention?

As an affiliate there's probably been a time in your career where you have felt that there simply must be an easy way to track and identify profitable ads and affiliate programs without all the painstaking and mind numbing research, blood sweat and tears, and money wasted. A program so powerful, yet simple enough to use, that it tells you exactly when to get in and make money hand over fist, or when to get out and save your butt. Well for thousands of affiliates, your competition, those prayers were answered with X-Ray Domination and then Undercover Profits and then Google Cash Detective - or were they? No doubt about it, these programs were very good - no arguments here. Affiliates had never seen anything like it before. With programs like this in their arsenal they were able to easily determine which of their campaigns were profitable and which were not, the bottom line being that they could ditch the losers, put more money into the winners and thereby easily and significantly increase their profits, all without the heartache and hassle that goes with all the testing and tweaking that they had been forced to do for years.

The problem was - they were too expensive for most.

X-Ray Domination sold for $1500 (sold out – 1000 licences).

Google Cash Detective sold for $495 (+ $97 per month for extra upgrade) (sold out – 500 licences).

Undercover Profits sold for $291 per month.

The alternative - Adspypro - $67- one payment only - NOT per month!

This software at the moment is on special at $47!

This tool really performs and there are even extras built into it AND no hidden fees like some of the expensive versions.